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Trusted and Timely Excavations in South Carolina

Residential, commercial, and industrial excavating can be overwhelming, but the trained team at Advanced Underground Specialists, Inc in South Carolina knows how to give customers an effective and timely job. Our team understands that excavating electrical lines or plumbing gives property owners anxiety about their landscaping getting ruined during the work. Our team has precise excavation techniques, like vacuum excavation, to ensure the safety of the rest of your landscaping. Above all, utility work needs to be finished on time, whether for your home or as part of a significant build, and we take timelines very seriously. Our reliable team of experienced craftsmen performs all work promptly.

Digging the soul by small bulldozer

Utility Excavation at Advanced Underground Specialists, Inc

When utility lines or plumbing need to be installed or repaired, the digging is usually the most challenging part. You must excavate electrical lines with great care and caution. The Advanced Underground Specialists, Inc team has precision excavating techniques that prevent excessive damage to your landscape. We also have underground utility contractors that will help install new utility lines like electricity lines or plumbing. Plumbing also requires careful excavation. A sloppy plumbing excavation leads to damaged pipes and landscapes. For our team, excavating in preparation for plumbing is nothing new. We have dug countless plumbing and electrical lines for happy customers.

Worker working on the concrete block

Vacuum Excavation for a Simpler, Safer Excavation

Vacuum excavation is a breakthrough advancement in the field of excavation. The vacuum excavation team at Advanced Underground Specialists, Inc uses water or air to blast a hole in the ground, while an industrial vacuum disposes of the loose soil. This technique enables us to access utility lines and plumbing in a less invasive way than traditional digging. There is also no mess with this method because the vacuum automatically disposes of the dirt and soil as we remove it. The process also requires a smaller workforce than digging by hand or machine, making the job more convenient for you and your neighbors.

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